EarBuds might be the next big social network

The app EarBuds is all about listening to music and the audio bits of live events with your friends. You could also listen along with basically anyone, as the EarBuds app is made to allow anyone to share moments in real-time with audio only. It's the simplicity of the setup that makes the concept run.

EarBuds is a social network that works with a variety of ways and means to connect users. The primary way in which creators connect with users is through music. Users can browse interests, find trending music curators, follow curators, discover recorded moments, and get notifications when curators go live.

Each stream includes live audio, sharing tools – to share to other social networks – and a chat system. Music played by curators can be tapped and saved to a users Library or saved to a Playlist.

Music is provided by connections to Spotify and Apple Music. Users can also record sounds and play live audio through the EarBuds live broadcast system. It's not immediately clear whether EarBuds will work with Google's alternative to Apple Music (YouTube Music, for now), once it arrives on Android.

If you'd like to become a curator on EarBuds, the process is relatively straightforward. It would appear that the Curator "promotional tools" and "presented by" brand name sponsorships are what makes this whole system work, and profit. Unlike the big social networks like Instagram and Twitter, both of which went MASSIVE before finding ways to profit via sponsorships and advertisements, EarBuds seems to have set up a system for said sponsorships right out the gate.

EarBuds was developed by TechStars, and is available right this minute for iOS devices through the Apple App Store. There's a waitlist being drawn up now for Android devices. You can head over to EarBuds Music to see said waitlist now.