Eagon develops solar panels bonded with glass

Perhaps I'm dumb, but there's something about this Eagon 'Solarwin' system that doesn't seem so great as the Korean company is making it out to be.  Apparently the clever part is how the domestic solar panels are fixed to the window, but to my eyes it just looks like they're stuck on.  Anyway, they're designed to not just reduce national grid energy consumption but replace large portions of it, and from the sound of it the panels aren't just solar collectors but battery storage as well.

Domestic solar panels are undoubtedly a good idea, but I can't imagine many people would want them covering their windows (unless the panels were transparent, which doesn't seem to be an option with the Solarwin product).  I'm just not sure how Eagon's product is any better than a traditional roof-mounted array.


Eagon [via AVING]