EA to detail Star Wars future at E3

Electronic Arts says that they will be revealing their plans for the future of Star Wars games during E3 2013 next month. The game publisher was recently granted exclusive rights for the Star Wars franchise after Disney bought LucasArts, the developer responsible for past Star Wars installments.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau said in a company blog post that their E3 press conference will include "a first look at [their] plans for the Star Wars partnership with Disney." EA previously revealed that DICE and Visceral Games will produce new Star Wars titles in the future, as they join BioWare, who is continuing to develop games for the franchise.

As for what to expect in upcoming Star Wars games, Gibeau previously mentioned that the new games will be "entirely original with all new stories and gameplay," with some elements being borrowed from past films. That's all the details that we know of so far, but we should hear a healthy amount at E3 during the company's presser on June 10.

EA will also be showing off some other next-generation titles, such as Battlefield 4, a new Need for Speed, as well as FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25, and EA Sports UFC, which we heard about yesterday during the Xbox One unveiling event. Those sports games in particular will be running on EA's new Ignite engine on the Xbox One. However, PC versions of these games will not be built on the new engine.

With EA's recently-poor track record, as well as their "worst company in America" award for the second straight year, we're wondering how these Star Wars games will turn out. Not every game based on the movie franchise has turned out great, but it'll be interesting to see what the DRM situation will end up being. It's possible that EA can turn things around by the time they release a new Star Wars title, but we'll ultimately have to wait and see.

VIA: Polygon

SOURCE: Electronic Arts