E-Ball concept is rolling projector PC

Chris Davies - Jul 24, 2008

Apostol Tnokovski has looked to the future and said “balls” to it.  Computer balls, that is, in the shape of his E-Ball spherical PC concept.  Envisaged as a 6-inch diameter orb with pop-out legs and projected display and keyboard, there’s even a tiny metal arm that can hold up a sheet of paper for use as a makeshift screen.

Inside, Tnokovski describes the E-Ball as using standard PC hardware (probably laptop components due to the space restraints), while on the outside there’s a detachable mouse.  Given laser keyboards haven’t had exactly glowing reviews, thanks to the eventual pain suffered after you bang your fingertips on a desk for any length of time, this is probably more of an occasional-use PC rather than something you’d be replacing your desktop with.

Throw in speech recognition, however, and you could be on to something.  If the E-Ball could follow you round – a little like Sony’s Rolly, perhaps – you could be looking at the perfect companion PC.  Does anybody else remember the Zeroids from Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks?

[via Electricpig]

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