Dyson's desk light lasts for 37 years

Forget bulbs that burn out after a month of use. Heck, forget lights that burn out after one year. Jake Dyson of the Dyson electronics group just introduced the Jake Dyson Light, a lamp that uses LED light that lasts for 37 years. "Their lights are built to fail and don't seem to mind," said Dyson of his company's competitors, "We mind. So we've invented the first light that cools LEDs properly. As a result, it lasts for 37 years." Dyson then dropped the mic and walked off the stage.

Of course there was no stage, in this case, just an announcement on Dyson's webpage. To be entirely clear, this isn't a brand new concept. Dyson first started to show this technology back in 2011. The CSYS LED Task Lamp has been for sale for over a year. Below you'll see Jake Dyson himself showing off a couple lamp models for Lightology.

So what's the big deal today?

The big deal here is two fold:

1. We've never reported on this lamp before, and it's really amazing – everyone should know about the technology so more companies are forced to innovate and make longer-lasting lights, lamps, and everything in-between.

2. This CSYS is being reported as new by a wide variety of websites. Once we were informed of the tech by an anonymous tipster, we did the research and found that, while the device is indeed excellent, it's not new.

There's more than one model, too.

You'll be shelling out anywhere from $649 to nearly a thousand dollars for the desk lamps and floor lamps and hanging models.

Below you'll see what's important. The technology that allows this lamp to keep the same LED working for 37 years.

It's just heat piping. an Aluminum heat sink that draws heat away from the light, and down the lamp's arm.

Incidentally all CSYS task lights are covered by a 2-year limited warranty on both parts and labor. So while you might sit near the lamp for 37 years, waiting for it to burn out, there's no real guarantee that you'll get your money back if it does.

VIA: Dyson