DxO ONE Android edition just popped up with USB-C

This morning the folks at camera rating group DxO revealed a new version of their iOS app and slipped in mention of a new device. The new device will work with Android, coming with a USB-C connector rather than a Lightning connector for iPhone. This version of the device will likely operate extremely similar to its iPhone/iPad-based relative.

In revealing their next camera – mostly like the old camera – DxO once again suggests that there's nothing strange about selling their own camera at the same time as they rate cameras from other companies. You know, just like Samsung rates other smartphones (they don't) or Qualcomm rates other smartphone processors (they don't). Just like Apple (or any other smartphone manufacturer) provides fair and accurate power ratings VS opponents devices at their first presentations and in advertisements.

The first DxO ONE Android smartphone camera will be coming in a few weeks. At that time, DxO will offer the device via an "Early Access" program for the public. "Since its launch, we have added dozens of features to the DxO ONE, thanks to feedback from users," said DxO Vice President of Product Strategy, Jean-Marc Alexia. "Today, DxO is responding directly to one of the most frequent requests by launching the Android version, and we will continue to listen to market needs."

Do you need a camera to attach to your smartphone that can be accessed with a new app? The dream is already out in the wild for iOS users, and version 3.0 of the app for the smartphone and the separate app for Apple Watch are out on the iTunes App Store right this minute. The Android version of the app will come in the next few weeks as the camera itself is made available in the company's early access program.

Basically this means the camera and its software aren't quite perfected just yet, but they want to start selling the hardware anyway. If you don't want to do DxO's work for them, I suggest you wait until they've properly tested them themselves.

If you already own the iPhone version of the device and also love to use Facebook Live, download the new version of the app. This new version of the app enables a multi-camera mode, which lets you stream from the iPhone's front camera, the iPhone's back camera, and the DxO camera all at the same time.