Duolingo just got more useful for advanced language learners

Educational app Duolingo continues to help anyone learn a language for free, but it's not for everyone. The app enables users to test their current proficiency, work at their own speed, and more. However, many users feel they reach a plateau after which point the app stops helping with their progression, requiring them to look elsewhere for advancement. The company's latest update may solve that problem.READ: Duolingo Klingon course now available!

If you're a regular Duolingo user, you've likely updated in recent days and, as a consequence of updating, now see golden crowns on each lesson bubble within a language course. Duolingo calls these Crown Levels, explaining that the new feature is a way to help users expand their knowledge of the language.

When you finish a skill, you get a Crown Level to go with it. Users who want to dig deeper into any given skill can continue to level up, working through progressively harder lessons within the skill. "This is a total redesign of the skill tree," says the company, "that solves one of Duolingo's biggest challenges: remaining fun for casual learners while still offering advanced content for serious learners."

Whereas before a user moved down the skill tree one bubble at a time, they can now continue deeper within a skill. It's a totally optional expansion, though; users similarly have the option to continue down the skill tree, unlocking new skills without leveling up their crowns.

Some users are upset about the change, stating the addition of Crown Levels has resulted in them losing their progress. That's not the case, though, says Duolingo, which has a megathread on its forum where users can express concerns, get explanations, and more.

SOURCE: Duolingo