Dungeons and Dragons disease supplement written by med students

A brand new Dungeons and Dragons supplement was written by a pair of medical students over the past few months, and released this week. This book goes by the name "The Malady Workshop," and it's full of fantastical diseases the likes of which have never quite fully been experienced by the Dungeons and Dragons community before. This book comes first as a PDF file that can be downloaded right this minute.

Dungeons and Dragons remains a game largely of the imagination of the players that participate. To expand upon the universe already created by the dungeon masters of the past, texts such as these lie out new unique elements with which adventures can take place. "When each Dungeon Master wants to expand on the details of the societies that unfold before their very eyes, tools that spice up the process become a vital weapon," wrote the creators of this new text.

"Do not underestimate diseases. Part of the Dungeon Master's art is to be able to stir feelings up in their players, and few human conditions could accomplish that better," said the creators Jason Bakos and Themis Paraskevas about the book this week. "Used as a way to advance a storyline, to expand a character arc or to create conflict, the stories you can tell with your diseases are infinite!"

Artwork and symbology in the book come from Phil Beckwith, of P. B. Publishing. Beckwith is the lead creator at P.B. Publishing, creators of many massive amounts of dungeon adventures aplenty. Plenty of fan-made guides and rules for expanding upon the D&D universe come from this same source. Not all have such official professional-level statistics in creation.

A PDF of this work can be purchased for approximately $4 right now from DMs Guild. They MIGHT be making a POD (Print on Demand) version at some point, but for now you'll have to do all the ink-work yourself – or through your favorite local printer. Just make sure you've got the right rights before you jump in on the CMD-P button combo!