Duke Nukem Forever Epic Trailer Released Today

It tells of a story of Duke Nukem in the past where he destroyed an invasion of aliens on the planet earth. He died, or at least disappeared without a trace, but now the aliens are back, and of course, there's more of them, and they're much more gigantic. All seems hopeless until they begin to kill... the strippers. Duke Nukem, even though he's been in hiding or dead this whole invasion cannot stand for this, thus, he is reborn in Duke Nukem Forever! All the alien slaughtering and inappropriate nude body touching, hookers, and swearing you remember from the original, and it's still slated for May 3, 2011, as confirmed by this official trailer.

If you plan on watching this trailer, make sure that not only do you have all the kids and animals out of the room, but that your volume is turned all the way up as well. All your favorite catch phrases are here, the classic first-person shooter gameplay, lots of naked women, and a soundtrack that includes at least one Prodigy song (the song playing here in the trailer is "Invaders Must Die.") The big payoff joke at the end is the best. Also beware of the urinal.