Duke Nukem Forever Collectors Edition Revealed

For those of you wishing there wouldn't have been a gigantic span of around 12 years between now and the last Duke Nukem title, here's a little present for your wait. This is the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition that'll be coming out the same time as the standard edition comes out for the low low price of $99.99. It might seem a tad high for a game that's basically a shooter from the late 1990's, but can you really put a price on a bust of one of the most offensive video game characters of all time?

This game (both the regular and the "Balls" edition,) comes out on May 3rd, which would put it directly in line with both my birthday and the birth of my baby daughter. Therefor, I will not be buying it. But that isn't going to hold you back, is it? In this masterpiece of a special edition you'll be receiving

• A Bust of Duke Nukem with the saying "Carpe Nukem" below it.

• A hardcover art book.

• Postcards.

• Poker Chips.

• A Mini Card Deck.

• Radioactive Emblem Dice.

What will you do with all these items? Heck I don't know, you sure don't need em to play the game, that's for sure. This collectors edition will only be available via Gamestop and Amazon, and more than likely there'll be enough to go around, but feel free to call your local one of those two sellers and reserve yours today. And while we're here, lets take another view of that fantastic trailer that came out a while ago because it's basically the greatest ad of all time:

[via USA Today]