Duke Nukem 3D hits Android today

It's time again ladies and gentlemen to play the game that just won't quit grabbing our imaginations with its promise of murdering hoards of aliens before they "steal our chicks for breeding" – it's Duke Nukem 3D and it's out on Android today! What's essentially the exact same game as was released all the way back in 1991 has been re-released here for Android intelligently by its current owner Machineworks Northwest. You'll be able to grab this classic on the Android Market starting right this second for any one of your Android devices, smartphone, tablet, and everything in-between.

Though you'll find that the description for the game in the market has mostly a misleading set of review sentences from the original game, you can bet that the same excellence can be found in the mobile version here for Android. New features include multi-touch controls, native support for tablet sized devices as well as your everyday smartphone. You've got the option of either using an on-screen joystick or "drag to look" controls, and the whole game installs to your SD card by default, the developers on Machineworks Northwest knowing full well that this is what Android lovers want.

The only drawback here is that the $0.99 purchase in the Android Market only gets you the first episode, the other two episodes then available through in-app billing. Have a go at the first episode for a buck then see if you can resist the rest – I hardly think so! Also beware of the ads that are still present in the $1 version, but note that a few reviews have already said that this version is much better than the iOS version for iPhone that's been out for a while now.