Dubai firefighters demonstrate jetpack fire extinguishers

Back in November 2015, the city of Dubai revealed plans to develop jetpacks for firefighters, enabling the city to better address fires on the upper levels of skyscrapers and similar structures. The announcement was made alongside a deal between the city and the Martin Aircraft Company, which would provide up to 20 jetpacks. Now, more than a year later, one of those jetpacks have been demonstrated in action.

While at the time we knew the jetpacks would be able to handle individuals weighing up to 265lbs, and that they'd take off and land vertically, that was the extent of our information about them. A newly released video showing the jetpacks in action, though, reveals that they require a water source to work, meaning they're limited to fires on the waterfront.

The jetpacks are billed as a way to quickly respond to certain types of fire, and they have the benefit of accessing what is essentially an endless supply of water. A fire that occurs on a bridge, in a waterfront facility, and similar may be difficult to access via vehicles, but can be quickly accessed using a boat and the jetpacks.

The video was posted by the Dubai Civil Defense, which calls this jetpack extinguishing system "Dolphin." It appears the jetpacks are now in operation for Dubai's firefighters, or will be soon, however details about availability and whether any further developments can be expected weren't provided.