Dropbox for Teams service aims for small business owners

So you've got a business in the works that needs to share files that are potentially gigantic across the ocean and through the woods, but you don't exactly want to be transferring these files by mailing iPods back and forth – what do you do? How about Dropbox for Teams? That's what Dropbox is essentially saying this week as it launches the new service which has plans starting at $795 for a total of five users. The differences between this and Dropbox's free service might seem slight to the lay user, but for the small business owner – features here are great.

There's a new central set of controls made specifically for IT administrators, and Dropbox is now offering phone support as well as centralized billing to cover all users on the Team. The initial cost of nearly $800 will cover a full year for five users, while each additional user will tac on another $125. That $795 basic plan includes one full terabyte of shared storage between all users, while each user added beyond the first five in the group adds on another 200 gigabytes (GB) of space. Sound like enough room for all your event photos?

Dropbox is also pushing their security features this week with a note on how all files are stored and encrypted with Amazon's S3 service in secure data centers. Amazon S3, for those of you that don't know, is Amazon's Simple Storage Service, designed "to make web-scale computing easier for developers." Basically its a dedicated and secure place for data trusted by thousands of already-satisfied customers, if you know what I mean. In addition to this, as with all Dropbox accounts, you've got the option of backing up all your files on a Dropbox folder that can sit on your own computer's desktop.

Sound like the deal for you? Get droppin!