Dropbox available again in China after years-long block

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 17, 2014
Dropbox available again in China after years-long block

For reasons never made clear, Dropbox was given the banhammer by the Chinese government a few years ago, blocking users in the country from accessing the cloud-storage service. Now, again for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, it seems the service is available again in China, according to Tech in Asia.

China banned Dropbox back in 2010, and though the reason was never stated, it was assumed files were being shared or accessed from the cloud service that ran afoul of the government’s sensibilities, prompting the sudden ban. Users had taken to the company’s forums, complaining about the lack of access to their files and media.

It has been a long wait, but that ban has come to an end as suddenly as it manifested, and users again apparently have access to the cloud storage service. When the website resurfaced isn’t known, but was spotted by the folks at Tech in Asia “late last week”, which says it waited a few days to confirm the finding and verify its nationwide availability.

Some Chinese users have commented that access was possible late last year, but that at the time it was reportedly “unstable and unpredictable”. Google Drive hasn’t had the same fortune, it should be noted, and is still blocked to users. Though Dropbox has made its apparently destined return, users should probably keep their files elsewhere in case it goes dark again.

VIA: Venture Beat
SOURCE: Tech in Asia

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