Drone flies into active volcano and lives to show the video

There are all sorts of uses for drone aircraft in the civilian world. You can use them to shoot aerial footage of your home or business. I know several people that use drones to film cars at the racetrack. Typically, when people think of drones, they think of military or law enforcement use only. The strangest law enforcement drone we have seen is the stun-gun drone that can stun people into submission.

A drone user has made a very cool video using their drone and a GoPro camera. The drone used to record the video is said to be the DJI Phantom 2 RTF quadcopter. That quadcopter is fitted with a gimbal mount and is holding a GoPro camera.

The drone flies into the crater of an active volcano in a country called Vanuatu that is a two-hour flight from Australia. Looking at the video that resulted from flying into the crater, I can't believe that the drone and camera survived.

The operator of the drone says that no damage was sustained to the drone when it was in operation inside the crater. The video shows scalding gas and molten rock flying directly at and around the drone during its flight. You would think some of that debris would have hit the quadcopter.

SOURCE: DroneHire