DROID X bootloader block bricks phones on Motorola’s orders

Chris Davies - Jul 15, 2010
DROID X bootloader block bricks phones on Motorola’s orders

ROM-fondlers beware; Motorola aren’t just frowning on unofficial firmware being loaded on devices like the DROID X, DROID 2 and future Android smartphones, they’re actively making sure the end result is a bricked handset.  According to MyDroidWorld, attempts to install alternative ROMs, kernels or bootloaders will trip the Motorola eFuse, bricking the phone in the process; to return the smartphone to a functional state will require attention from Motorola themselves, and owners testing quite how flexible their warranty policies are.

Considering Motorola made it pretty clear in their original blog post that they see devices like the DROID X and DROID 2 as intended for consumers and app developers only, not firmware tweakers, we’re guessing any ROM-related bricking probably wouldn’t be covered by a handset’s warranty.  It’s disappointing news given the reputation Android has as being developer-friendly, and it may be enough to put some more advanced users off Motorola’s newer devices (such as the DROID X which went on sale earlier today).

[via Android Community]

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