DROID Razr torn down with Dozuki saw and video effects

While Verizon and Motorola assure us that the back of the DROID RAZR by Motorola is not meant to be removed and that the battery is certainly not meant to be replaceable, the folks at iFixit never ever take no for an answer, starting their traditional teardown process with no less than the traditional Japanese saw known as the Dozuki. Of course there was no real need for this since there actually is a fingernail hole at the top of the device and snaps all around the edges that a non-terrifying instrument like your finger could work apart, but the glue between the battery and the back will make for a more difficult take-apart process for you. Then take note of the Kevlar, and be sure to remember that Kevlar in this state is both flexible and definitely not bulletproof – iFixit reminds us that bulletproof Kevlar is actually layers and layers of similar material backed up with a ceramic plate — in other words, no bullets please!

Inside the device there are two liquid damage indicators – these in place incase you've got to bring the device in for repair and they want to know if you've been dunking the device in root beer. That said, the RAZR is said to have a "splash guard" so you'll still be ok if you accidentally drop it outside in the rain (and immediately pick it back up and put it back in your pocket, of course.) Next note the battery, one that we've, again, been assured is not removable by you the user: iFixit is able to get it out, but note that this battery is held in by several pieces of electrical tape as well as contact points held down by a red piece of plastic.

UPDATE: there's also been a video release by Motorola showing "how we did it" as far as how thin the device is, this showing off most of the bits inside as well, complete with fancy visuals galore – have a peek here:

As for the rest of the iFixit teardown, they discover that the full metal construction we heard so much about in the release notes for the RAZR are certainly true: what they call an "Amazon Basin's worth of EMI shields (seen in the gallery below) stopper up their progress towards the final ultra-teardown. They also note that certainly there is an aluminum chassis that does legitimately appear to have been diamond cut for precision – tight! Inside you'll also find a Atmel ATMXT224E-MAH maXTouch touchscreen controller, the rear facing camera marked with V927ABB, and Toshiba THGBM4G7D2GBAIE 16GB EMMC Flash Memory. The RAM comes from Samsung, the Bluetooth Wi-fi and GPS coming from Texas Instruments, and Dual-Mode Baseband/RF Transceiver coming from Qualcomm. See, everyone can work together, fun!

Note that we've also got a full review of this device up here on SlashGear, have a peek at it now, and oh yes, today being 11.11.11, you can go out and buy the device for yourself from your local Verizon store right this second! Launch paradise!

[via iFixit]