DROID BIONIC pumped up by Clay Matthews, Simon Cowell, faux Natalie Portman [Videos]

What you've got here is a couple of commercials straight off the cutting room floor at Verizon, both of them supporting the DROID BIONIC, aka the world's first dual-core smartphone that also supports their 4G LTE network. The first of these uses NFL player Clay Matthews and an NFL Mobile app and the second uses television personality Simon Cowell and his failing talent judgement show X Factor. Do these ads titillate you into wanting the BIONIC, or was it the Natalie Portman lookalike with the epic Lance Henriksen doing the background voice?

First let's take a look at the football ad. This one shows off an app wich which you can watch NFL games and such, here played on the DROID BIONIC by several disparate individuals. Look at that DROID BIONIC shine!

Next there's that rude reality show judge Simon Cowell, a fellow whom you'd be lucky to never encounter in real life, tossing competitor devices off a pier. You'll probably not be identifying any of these phones as they've been disguised to look like generally crappy looking devices, but the DROID BIONIC is quite simple to identify. Will you trust the British know-it-all host and his television show app?

Finally there's the DROID BIONIC science fiction video campaign. Originally the press was quite certain that it was Natalie Portman appearing in these ads, now it's pretty clear that it's not – at the same time there's Lance Henriksen's unmistakable voice in the background. Henriksen's most droid-related role has been in the ALIENS series of movies where he plays several characters, most notably the robotic man by the name BISHOP.

Any of this give you the feeling you need to jump on this BIONIC train?