Driveclub launch date tipped via twitter

Shane McGlaun - Mar 4, 2014
Driveclub launch date tipped via twitter

Racing games are very popular today with the Forza franchise being one of the most popular series on the Xbox and Grand Turismo being incredibly popular on the PS3. Another slick driving franchise is coming to the PlayStation 4 called Driveclub.

This game was first tipped back in February of 2013 as coming that year. The game was later postponed until 2014. The reason for the postponement of the game was reportedly to allow further development of the social features of the game.


Driveclub promises a number of tracks to enjoy that each have challenges for drivers to take on. Players will be able to choose the weather on the track and the time of day. Another of the cool features of the game is the first person mode that puts the driver behind the wheel and shows the player opening the door and driving away.

The cars in the game are designed to be as accurate as possible and reflect their real world counterparts in every way. While we know the game was delayed until 2014, we didn’t know when in 2014 it might land. A tweet was published by the developer behind the game and then quickly removed. Before the tweet was removed, it was captured for posterity and tipped the launch date for the game. The tweet said, “Mark your calendars 9.4.14 #driveclub.” The developer of the game is a British firm so that launch date is believed to be April 9 rather than September 4.


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