DRIFT21 released with real licensed cars, tracks, and early access on Steam

This morning the folks at 505games announced the Early Access release of DRIFT21, a fully immersive high-end car racing game with fully licensed vehicles and tracks. This game includes hardware steering wheel accessory support right out the gate with Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitec. Users will be able to begin playing immediately with a relatively limited cross-section of vehicles and tracks – but that'll expand QUICKLY.

The limits of the game at launch are in the number of tracks and cars that're available. The number of official licensed cars available at early access launch is 3 – the same number of tracks are out right now. That'll be EBISU Driftland, EBISU School, and EBISU Minami. More than 20 "challenges" are available at early access launch in a variety of game modes – Time Attack, Solo Run, and "Free Ride" are ready to roll right away.

It's in the Car Tuning Garage that you'll see massive custom-fitting and personalized choice-making immediately. In the Car Tuning Garage, users will be able to select from "over 750 parts" in early access mode. That includes over 300 decals and an "extensive paint shop mode." Take a peek at a bit of the game in the trailer below:

The creators of the game at ECC Games S.A. suggested today that they'll be "constantly updating and adding new features to DRIFT21" like new tracks and cars, as well as game modes like multiplayer. They also suggested they'll be "refining key game elements bassed on feedback and suggestions from the community."

Prospective gamers can gain access to the Steam Early Access program for a price of approximately $25 right now. That'll also give you access to the game once it's released in full, too. Users will find the game at it's own STEAM page right now. This game is part of the Early Access program, which includes some details of which you'll want to be aware.