Drift launches iOS app for HD Ghost Action camera

While it might seem like Contour and GoPro have a hold on the action sports camcorder industry, they're not the only ones making an impact. We already talked about a company called Drift, which makes the HD Ghost Action camcorder. Today, the company announced a mobile app for remote controlling the camera from afar.

The app pairs with the Drift Datalink system found in the Drift HD Ghost action camera, and it provides remote control capabilities, allowing users to use their mobile device to set up camera angles, stream video playback, and share content instantly on different social media platforms.

The HD Ghost camera can communicate with mobile devices to a distance of up to 295 feet (90m) using its built-in WiFi network. When the app is paired to the camera's Drift Datalink system, users have the ability to control their Drift HD Ghost remotely and set up and different types of shots within the view screen.

Users can also monitor the camera's battery life, and the app filters content by media type for playback in the gallery, which makes it easy to find the videos you want to watch and share. The app is currently only available for iOS devices, with Android compatibility coming soon.