DREDD 2: a call to action from Karl Urban

The first DREDD movie with Karl Urban was a disaster in theaters – it was marketed in a way that pushed the 3D element in the film and ticket sales were dumped. Now in the aftermath of its DVD and Blu-ray release, the film has captured hordes of rabid fans – a cult following, if you will – with so much interest that there's a call for a second film. The creators of the first film are struggling to prove to the powers that be that cash invested in a second film would be worth the time and effort – but there's a petition, and Karl Urban himself is onboard.

It never fails that every time there's a Star Trek press junket with Karl Urban, he's asked about a sequel to DREDD. Based only on the message you're about to see, it should be made plain that Urban would be onboard with a DREDD sequel, top to bottom.

Those of you familiar with crowdfunding projects like Kickstarter and Indiegogo know that we're living in a world where – with enough interest and cash – we can get anything our hearts desire. Today that means running up a massive number of names signed and guaranteed that we'll head into theaters to see another DREDD film.

As it's been proven by Urban's response to 2000ADOnline's DREDD Sequel petition, this is a real-deal possibility. At a cool 100,000+ signers of this campaign, the next film is all but tapped.

Note that the above red DREDD poster is fan-made as well. Created by artist Tyler Champion, it is not currently an official work of art, but certainly goes to show the dedication the public has for this film series. Have at it, and prepare yourselves for more Justice!