Drawdio analog synth pencil: bizarre video demo

From one strange musical contraption to another: the Drawdio is a simple electronics kit that turns a standard 2B pencil into a screeching, wailing instrument.  Relying on the conductive properties of graphite, Drawdio is basically an analog synthesizer circuit strapped to a soft-leaded pencil.Demo video of Drawdio in action after the cut

In fact, it's not just the graphite doing the conducting but you yourself.  You start by drawing a line, then put your finger on one end and, as you continue sketching, all manner of strange 50s-sci-fi bleeps and wurbles are produced. 

Drawdio is supplied as a kit, so there's a little work with soldering and the like before you can start making music.  It's on sale now, priced at $19.50.

[via technabob]