Draw Something 2 aims to be Zynga’s saving grace

Craig Lloyd - Apr 25, 2013
Draw Something 2 aims to be Zynga’s saving grace

Zynga has released the sequel to one of its best games of all time, and they’re fittingly calling it Draw Something 2. The new Pictionary-style game brings more social features, new drawing tools, and a personal gallery that looks to one-up the original installment. The game is available now in iTunes, and it comes with a free version, as well as an ad-free $2.99 flavor.

Aside from the new social features and additional drawing tools, the game promises over 5,000 new words, as well as a free draw mode that you can casually play around with without the need to compete against someone — great for practicing up on your digital finger-painting skills in your spare time.

The original Draw Something game was a huge success at launch, with the developer recently announcing that the game hit 100 million downloads in its first year, and it quickly became the number one social game in the world. Draw Something was initially developed by OMGPOP, but they were eventually bought out by Zynga after the raving success.

However, Zynga has been struggling lately, and the company is continually going downhill. With the massive success that is Draw Something, it’s possible that the sequel could be the company’s saving grace, but as gameplay of Draw Something has slowly started to decline, we’re not quite sure what success Draw Something 2 will see.

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