Dr. Who TARDIS fitted with a gaming cabinet

Abby McVay - Jul 31, 2008, 7:30 am CDT

Dr. Who has been a major geeky icon for quite some time, so it is only logical that someone take the Police Box and take it one step further. They actually crammed a home made arcade set up that will play plenty of retro games.

Although it appears as if the arcade part would get in the way, making shutting the doors impossible. They threw in an extra design element and made it so that the panel with the controllers flips up out of the way.

To finish off this job he had the 7th Dr. Who autograph it (Sylvester McCoy). He has all the step by step details posted if you’d like to check it out. Although I warn you now, he has a tendency to throw in random unrelated details just for kicks.

[via joystiq]

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