Doxie One portable scanner now available worldwide

Doxie has announced the worldwide launch of its Doxie One, a portable scanner that doesn't require a computer. The device was first introduced less than a month ago, and comes in a higher-end model that is wireless as well. The unit is available now worldwide for $149, while the wireless model is a bit more expensive at $199.

Perhaps its best feature, the Doxie One can be used with your iPad with Lightning or a 30-pin SD card reader, making it an excellent mobile scanning option. According to the press release, the unit is the about the size of an empty paper towel roll. Slipping the device into the laptop bag or tucking it away when not in use won't be much of a challenge.

Setup is simple: the Doxie One plugs into a power outlet and saves scans to an SD card. It comes with an app for sorting and managing scans, including uploading them to backup services and sharing them with friends or colleagues. Scans can be sent to Evernote and Dropbox, for example, and to contacts via iMessage if you're an Apple user.

Sharing scans via iMessage requires OS X 10.8 and iOS 6. If you decide to grab the Doxie Go model instead, you'll get the added benefit of a rechargeable battery, giving the device an extra element of portability. The unit is available in multiple colors, including blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, green, black, and pink.

[via Get Doxie]