Doxie Go cuts the cords, scans to Mac, iPad, and iPhone

The Doxie Go was announced today as a new portable scanner that can scan documents without being attached to a computer. Instead, it stores scanned files internally, operates on a rechargeable battery, and only needs to be attached via USB to either another computer or a flash drive when you're ready to transfer the files.

The portable scanner isn't completely wireless, as you can't wirelessly transfer a scanned document directly from the scanner to your computer or smartphone. But, it's still pretty handy for road warriors that need reliable scanning while on the go and can scan a full color page in less than 8 seconds. It can store up to 600 scanned pages before you have to transfer the scans to your PC or Mac via a USB cable, USB flash drive, or an SD card.

The Doxie Go is priced at $199 and will be available sometime in November. It will be getting an optional $39 accessory in December that will allow it to scan directly to your iPhone or iPad. The Doxie 2.0 software it comes with can create OCR searchable PDF scans as well as sync to Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs, among other cloud services.

[via TUAW]