Android P Update download DP4 released

This morning the folks at Google revealed – officially – the last Developer Preview Android update for Android P before release. This will be the last time – before the public beta release – that Google will deliver a software update for Android P preview before it's available completely to the public at large. This update is called Android P DP4, and all downloads are ready to roll now.

This update includes all the goodies that'll be included in the full version of Android P. That includes such features as multi-camera support for 3rd-party apps (expanded support, that is), display cutout support, enhanced notifications, and other lovely experience modifications you might never ever experience, but which exist in the build nonetheless.

Cross your fingers this update pushes those app developers to make something radical with the new Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT – something we've been waiting for for a long time. Think scavenger hunts in malls, that sort of thing. This is signified with the permission ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, and will almost certainly be utilized by Pokemon GO.

Also included in this update are channel settings for notifications, broadcasts, and Do Not Disturb mode. This update also includes further support for ImageDecoder for the decoding of images and the creation of Drawable and Bitmap files. HDR VP9 Video and HEIF image compression are here too, just to make image and video compression a bit more complicated (but good?)

Those that wish to access the factory images of this update for their own self-loading needs, they'll all be found over at Google Developers on the Downloads for Pixel page. Of note: If you didn't already know, this update does not include any device other than the first two generations of Google Pixel. Gone are the days of Nexus, and gone they've been since earlier this year.

The final updates for Android devices in the Nexus family can be found at Google APIs for Android. There you'll find updates (not necessarily new, but still) for devices like Nexus 6P, Pixel C, and even the Nexus Q. How weird!