Download and simulate Android TV now

Chris Burns - Jun 30, 2014
Download and simulate Android TV now

This week Google has activated the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Android TV for developers. While you’ll likely be a developer wanting to activate this build, anyone can choose to take a peek at Android TV at their leisure, developer or not.

To take hold of this Android TV emulator, you’ll need several components. First you may want to follow the steps provided in our Download the Android L Developer Preview release now article. From there you’ll have most of what you need. Since that article was published, Google has pushed the Android TV files you’ll need to run the virtualized iteration of the company’s future in TV.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.16.14 AM

Above you’ll see the files you’ll need to download via your Android development software. For those of you wishing to see Android TV before you try it, and before you buy it, we also have an Android TV hands-on to share with you.

Above you’ll see an Android TV walkthrough. For the full shebang, have a peek at our Android TV hands-on at Google I/O 2014.

There’s a piece of hardware out there in the wild called ADT-1 (which you’ll see above in our hands-on). This is the earliest Android TV hardware in existence, created by Google and given to some Google Developers at Google I/O in a dev session. While ideally you’ll be developing on hardware for a more finalized look at your Android TV app, this software solution should suffice until more Android TV hardware is unveiled for the market.

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