DOTA 2 servers are down: if you're affected, you're unlucky

This afternoon several servers dedicated to DOTA 2 are down in both the United States and in Europe. At the time this article is published, 5 servers are knocked out in the United States for Steam, while Europe's servers are down by 6. Online regions for the official DOTA 2 game coordinator are at 13 of 14.

Those of you able to access DOTA 2 at this time – don't panic. This outage only affects a small section of DOTA 2 players in the United States and selected areas throughout Europe. Asia appears to be unaffected at this time.

DOTA2Lounge has not been affected, and if you're checking in on sites like IsItDownRightNow, you won't see this downed server note at all. The downtime is not large enough to register as a major problem. SteamStat shows several servers down and out-time for one online region.

Meanwhile you'll find the biggest news for DOTA 2 today is the incoming Hammer 2014 package which includes Source 2. This is the next generation of Valve's Source Engine and includes several new ways of going about generating games and environments – stick around SlashGear's gaming tag portal for more on this as we continue to investigate the innards.