Doom for graphing calculators gets color upgrade

Those of you running nDoom 2, the TI-Nspire CX-based graphing calculator port of doom know – when it comes to playing games in math class, there's nothing better than fragging some toxically mutated beasts in full gigantic pixel glory. What's happened here in early 2012 is that this game specifically on this calculator has taken a leap forward into the awesomeness of the future: colorization! While this may seem absurdly rudimentary for those of you using smartphones for your daily murdering of zombies, it's a great day for the calculator hordes of highschools across the country, let me tell you.

The furthest I ever got with my TI-86 was a Mario Brothers port, if I'm not mistaken, and I liked playing Tetris the best. Nothing better than a good ol' game of Tetris to make your skipping of the science class all the better. This upgrade comes from a Beta of the build that's been out for some time, this piggy-backing on a TI-83 version of Doom from over a year ago.

This port is packaged with the Ndless program as well, this allowing you to unlock your hardware and perform your own hacks as well. The one thing we're missing now for this setup is sound – what a world we live in! Someday maybe we'll play Riptide – someday!

[via Hack a Day]