DOOM Eternal campaign DLC teased with two stunning screenshots

The newly released DOOM Eternal sequel to 2016's DOOM will soon receive a campaign DLC. Ahead of that release, Bethesda and iD have released two huge, high-resolution screenshots from the DLC that feature otherworldly destinations. The team calls this a sneak peek, one that doesn't come with much info but that does offer something fresh for your desktop background.READ: DOOM Eternal Standard vs Deluxe: The best choiceDOOM Eternal is the latest installment in the DOOM franchise, one that is currently enjoying high ratings among players. The game is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, plus there will be a version for the Nintendo Switch. It was confirmed last year that the game would be getting a campaign DLC, but precious few details on that are available.

That changed, sort of, last week when the official DOOM Twitter account tweeted out two high-resolution screenshots featuring two foreboding, alien worlds featuring dramatic, towering buildings and volatile weather. The images are referred to as a sneak peek of what players can expect from the upcoming campaign DLC.

It's unclear what we're looking at, but one may be the Maykr home planet Urdak; the other appears to be some sort of station, possibly an outpost, situated in a stormy ocean. The presence of water hints at the types of environments players may find themselves in, though whether the gameplay will actually involve the water element is yet to be seen.

The DLC will build upon the game's existing campaign, which itself ends with what is essentially a cliffhanger. The DLC will build upon this, giving players who want more than just multiplayer gameplay the opportunity to further explore the world and its storyline.