DOOM Eternal Standard vs Deluxe: The best choice

This week saw the release of two big games: DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. DOOM Eternal, like a number of AAA games these days, comes in a couple of different editions. There's the standard edition, which just comes with the base game, but there's also the deluxe edition, which comes with the game and a number of bonuses. Question is: Which one should you buy?

That probably depends on how big of a DOOM fan you are. The DOOM Eternal deluxe edition actually doesn't come with a ton of bonuses, at least not when compared to some of the other deluxe editions we've seen in recent years. The biggest draw of the deluxe edition is the Year One Pass, which will grant owners two campaign add-ons at some point in the future.

The deluxe edition also comes with the Demonic Slayer Skin and the Classic Weapon Sound Pack, but those add-ons are merely perks and don't justify the $89.99 price tag of the deluxe edition ($30 more than the standard edition) on their own. Therefore, the deluxe edition is only really for people who already know that they're going to want the content in the Year One Pass, which hasn't been revealed yet.

It's also worth noting that there's a DOOM Eternal collector's edition that comes with all of the stuff from the deluxe edition plus a number of physical goodies like a wearable DOOM Slayer replica helmet, a steelbook case for the game, a lithograph, and a lore book. Those, however, will likely be hard (or outright impossible) to find since Bethesda and id Software only made limited quantities.

So, at the end of it all, most people will probably want to go for the standard edition over the deluxe edition, at least until those campaign expansions are detailed. The Year One Pass is available separately for $29.99, so if you buy the standard edition now and decide to get the pass later, you won't be paying more money over what you would have spent on the deluxe edition.