Don’t trust this robot to valet park

Chris Davies - Jan 20, 2007, 5:36 pm CDT

This is something of a public service announcement.  Any robot that tells you that car-theft is a victim-less crime is a fool.  Someone obviously needs to tell Autonomous Solutions to bring their offspring up better, although with a name like Chaos you’re asking for trouble I suppose.  What’s wrong with a nice, sensible name… Peter, maybe, or George?  But no, Chaos is a quad-tracked, self-correcting mobile platform capable not only of dragging away someone’s Hummer (as in the video below) but withstanding the sort of hazardous environments that would generally see a normal worker’s reproductive parts gain extra chromosomes.

Covert car park theft is aided by the near-silent motor and gearbox design, which also allows for a maximum 3-hour battery life.  Control software supplied with Chaos permits either direct operator control or ‘multi-vehicle autonomous behaviour’, a phrase guaranteed to get the easily-befreaked muttering ominously about “robot overlords”.

More video after the cut.

Weighing in at 120 pounds, Chaos is capable of sporting a variety of cameras and manipulator arms, and has been recently strutting its stuff at Texas’ Disaster City training ground.

Autonomous Solutions [via technabob]

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