Donax Seashell Headphones by the Seashore

Nature's most awesome amplifier is an echo, sure, but what's nature's most excellent sound container? A seashell of course, it's got the entire ocean hidden inside, all of the sound just waiting for you to listen. Apostol Tnokovski knows this, and he's right on the cuff of turning nature back into something we can package. Thusly there is the Donax headphone set, available in black or white. Should they be cordless? What about real shells, where does this leave them?

Tnokovski is certainly thinking about form here more than function, a much more lovely visual are these headphones than they are a possible set of high-quality sound distributors. That said, they're made of some fine basic materials such as matte white or black plastic, artificial leather, and rubber elements. Much in the same way a real shell is fashioned by the sea, so too are these headphones fashioned to look like they've been around the block and are much more smooth from having been there.

Which set are you more attracted to? Are black and white headphones your style, or are you into less seaworthy head speakers? This design, if you've not already figured it out, is a concept. Do you think Tnokovski should move forward with producing it? If he does, do you think some more color combinations are in order? How about a big "b" on the side in a red circle? Make is sound better?

[via Yanko Design]