Domino's Drone aims for faceless pizza delivery

Flying your way soon* is the AeroSight-carried pizza of your choice, courtesy of Domino's and the conceptual creators at the group T + Biscuits. Working with Domino's directly – for real, that is – as well as the UK-based drone group Big Communications, T + Biscuits have created the flying pizza. This machine is known as the DomiCopter and though it won't be hitting the side of your house this week, it might be out there eventually.

What you're seeing – and I can't be clear enough about this – is a test run for a future product: that is, not something that's out there now. This pizza-delivering drone is indeed real, but the folks at Domino's don't have a fleet of them sitting in a warehouse somewhere. At least, not officially, not that we know of.

But imagine if there were. Would you be OK with getting a pizza delivered by an automatically-flown machine such as this? Domino's doesnt test a thing like this just for a marketing stunt (jokes, of course they would – and as you can see above, they did), so it's possible they'll be bringing the heat in the future.

Would you opinion change if you thought about kids throwing rocks at the rotors of this machine when it flies by their apartment in an effort to grab a bit of 'za for themselves? How about the possibility of this machine malfunctioning and, oh, flying directly through your bay window?

Again, at the moment you'll not have to worry about it. The AeroSight copter you see here is real, but it's not something that Domino's (or anyone else) will be using to deliver pizza any time soon. Not legally, anyway.

SOURCE: T + Biscuits