Dog's best friend-the SimpleHuman Sensor Trash Can

This is another one of those products that at first glance seems awesome. I was reading through it getting all excited, because I had found a way to be even more lazy. Then after it settled in a bit I realized that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. The SimpleHuman Sensor Trash Can is exactly as it sounds, it senses your presence and it pops open for you.

Now I could be wrong, but somehow I doubt that it can tell the difference between you or your furry friends. Personally, I think my cat would be worse than the dog. Of course the cat would stop once it set off the sensor and made a jump for it, then ended up trapped in the garbage. The average dog however, is tall enough to both set off the sensor and reach that pretty little head in to finish off yesterday's pizza. I know we all love our pets, although buying them a trashcan that makes it easier for them is just a bit over the top for me. However, if you don't have pets then this trashcan is awesome for you.

It has a sensor at your foot and has a hold button to keep it open for all those extended jobs. It does use standard trash bags and can be powered by either 6 D batteries or a wall outlet. It is marked at $200, which isn't bad for what all you get, however it does kind of suck since it's just a trash can.

Automatic trash can for the lazy [via ubergizmo]