DMC DeLorean Back to the Future car set to return in electric edition

Believe it or not, the once completely dead DMC motor company will be returning with a 2013 edition of the original DMC-12 made popular by the epic Back to the Future series of science fiction films. This car has been a cult classic even before the first Back to the Future film came out in 1985, but shortly after its initial creation the DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt – since then the DMC group has been re-started (in 1995) and this current project is being done in collaboration with electric-car startup Epic EV. As they're saying on the official DeLorean news distribution site: "this sucker's Electrical??"

Set to have more than just a few upgraded bits inside and out of the car, you'll find this brand new DMC-12 sporting an iPhone dock, a full leather (or pleather) interior, built-in display for GPS navigation, and a wholly stripped-down and simplistic look on the innards. This isn't your Back to the Future car, but you won't regret that it isn't! There are a few press photos out already showing the front dash, the electric motor in an unfinished state, and the car from the back, looking perfectly classical.

You can also grab a whole collection of vintage photos of the original DMC-12 on the DeLorean website while you wait for 2013 to roll around. This newest version of the vehicle was announced this past week at the 2011 DMC Texas Open House, and it's said to have a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour (plenty to get up to time-travel necessities), and will offer 260 horsepower. This vehicle will also of COURSE have the same gull-wing doors and will cost you something like $90-100,000 USD when its out — though it being still more than a year out, we'll be sure to see many changes before it hits the streets.

You'll also have those 2011 NIKE MAG sneakers to keep you company – you bought a pair, right? Power laces — not till 2015!

[via AutoBlog]