DJI Mavic Air 2 could be coming in two weeks

Consumer electronics sales have been on the rise in the past weeks but many of them have one thing in common. They're all designed either for use at home or to enable working from home. Products that require people to be or go outside, in contrast, maybe seeing a drop in sales and interest, which almost makes launching a new drone model seem unwise. DJI, however, will still be pushing through with a new product later this month, possibly launching the Mavic Air 2 to a very different world.

While there are definitely drones that can fly indoors for fun, the Mavic line's size and sophistication mark it for the open skies. That said, based on recent leaks, the Mavic Air 2 will still sit squarely in DJI's consumer drone market, lacking the features that would have made it compete with the non-Air Mavic drones.

Those leaks point to a larger battery, admittedly, now 3,500 mAh up from the first Mavic Air's 2,375 mAh. It lacks upward-facing obstacle detection sensors though, which probably suggests you won't want to fly it indoors anyway. In terms of design, the Mavic Air 2 may rehash the Mavic 2's looks and the biggest structural changes may ironically be found on the controller instead.

DJI just posted a teaser on Tweeter pointing to an April 27 event happening around 9:30 pm EDT. The image seems to be displaying the top of a drone with battery LED indicators arranged in a diamond pattern rather than the usual single line.

Despite limitations in outside movement, a drone may actually be more useful today, at least for reaching places that people now can't. It won't be traveling far from its controller, of course, but the hopefully longer battery life could mean the Mavic Air 2 will be able to capture more footage from a safe social distance.