DJI launches new flyaway protection for Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2

A long time ago, when drones were first coming on the market, it wasn't uncommon at all for them to suddenly stop responding and simply fly away. As expensive as drones can be, this is a big problem as often they travel so far that it's impossible to find them. This problem is much less common today, but as expensive as drones from DJI are, it's nice to have protection in the event that does happen.

DJI has announced that it has flyaway protection for the Mavic Air 2 and the Mini 2. Coverage is now included with the DJI Care Refresh program. Under the new program's terms, if the drone flies away, users would pay a fee and get the drone replaced. The company says DJI Care Flyaway coverage would take effect when Care Refresh is purchased, and customers sync their account and remote control to the latest version of the DJI Flight App.

Once that's accomplished, in the instance of the flyaway, the customers would be able to file a flyaway report, paying corresponding fees, and get a replacement drone. DJI also notes that existing customers that purchased Care Refresh can add the new flyaway care by binding a DJI account with the remote controller.

The plan is good for one year and covers one flyway, or there is a two-year plan offering up to two flyways. DGI Care Refresh+ is also available, covering a single flyaway or single accident. The one-year Care Refresh for the Mini 2 costs $49, and for the Mavic Air 2, it costs $79. Both of those plans cover accidental damage.

Pricing for flyaway coverage is $225 for the Mini 2 and $399 for the Mavic Air 2. It's unclear if that's the replacement fee or the fee for coverage in addition to a replacement fee. We suspect those are the replacement fees. For those wondering, the Mini 2 costs $449 to purchase, with the Mavic Air 2 costing $799.