DJI FPV Combo drone unboxing bares all before official launch

DJI seems to have a leak problem so bad that you might begin to wonder if it's an intentional marketing ploy instead. After all, it's one thing to have photos and anonymous hands-on videos running around the Web and quite another when people can just walk into a retail store and buy one ahead of a new model's official announcement. It seems that DJI's first-ever FPV or First-Person View drone is no exception with an unboxing video now circulating a month before it officially takes to the skies.

The leaked model in question this time didn't come from an accidental sale. The "Not For Sale" label on the box pretty much sums it up but Dominion Drones, via YouTube channel SpiderMonkey FPV, says it's a completely functional demo unit. We aren't treated to the "functional" part yet but the unboxing already has enough to potential whet drone fans' appetites.

The DJI FPV Combo already leaked before so the new drone's design may no longer be a surprise. A single camera is seated on the top, not the bottom, of the drone while forward and downward cameras are suggested to be obstacle avoidance instead. The FPV goggles look similar to DJI's first version but V2 was noted to be lighter and the padding more comfortable this time around.

The biggest change is in the controller that comes as part of the combo. Shaped more like a gamepad than a box, the controller features DJI's new detachable joysticks that hide inside the handles when not in use.

The video doesn't hint when the DJI FPV Combo will be announced but rumors put it in March. Chances are, however, we won't have to wait long for other bits of information if DJI's leak track record will hold this year.