DJI FPV racing drone, goggles and controller appear in new images

We've been hearing about an alleged DJI FPV racing drone for more than a year now, one that will reportedly include goggles so that users can pilot the drone in a more precise way. The drone first appeared in documents that surfaced on the FCC's website, including illustrations but no actual photos. A new image leak fills that void.

A racing drone is exactly what it sounds like — a drone that is meant for competition, one that features goggles so that the operator can view the flight path directly from the drone's camera. The existence of a future DJI FPV drone was all but confirmed in summer 2019 when the FCC published multiple documents referencing such a model.

It seems the product is close to launching, at least based on a new leak of two images featuring a look at the drone and its goggles, as well as the product packaging. The box contains the name 'DJI FPV Combo' and images of the drone, the very large goggles with what appear to be multiple antennas, and a game console-like controller.

The drone features four rotors and sporty black and red colors; the general shape aside, the drone is distinctly different from the company's other drones. Additional images of the drone, as well as some details, were also shared by known drone leaker OsitaLV, as first spied by The Verge.

The leak indicates that users can adjust the drone's FPV camera remotely, also claiming that the model may feature 4K/60fps recording, three flight modes with up to 93mph speeds, 6S drone battery support, and GPS. The leaker also suggests the model may officially premiere next month, but that's yet to be seen.