DIY Wind Turbine

DIY eco-power systems are growing in popularity, and most of them involve building some sort of wind turbine.  Fashioning your own photovoltaic solar panels is unlikely to be a feasible option, but a DIY wind turbine needn't be too vast a challenge: that's just what Mike Davis has done, breaking the whole system down into five key areas – generator, turbine blades, mounting, tower and electronics – and detailing the project that cost him just $140.

The key part is the generator, for which Mike followed in the footsteps of many others and used an Amtek 30W DC motor costing $26 on eBay.  Attached to a power supply it spins, but flip it round and use turbine blades to spin it and you'll get several hundred watts with which to play with.

Some PVC piping became the blades, Mike's UPS donated its battery to the project, and the internet provided plans for the electronic controller.  He also has a DIY solar-panel setup to take advantage of the Arizona sun, too. 

[via Hacked Gadgets]