DIY wearable computer uses Beagleboard & wireless keyboard

Perhaps it makes us unbearably geeky, but we do have more than a soft spot for wearable computers.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for what little sartorial dignity we have left these days) manufacturers are proving more reluctant to put out suitable products, and that leaves the niche clear for DIYers.  Martin Magnusson pointed us in the direction of his own project, taking a Myvu Crystal eyepiece and hooking it up to a Beagleboard fanless computer and four AA batteries.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth, which tethers wirelessly to Martin's iPhone, while input is through a Nokia Bluetooth keyboard.  The Beagleboard is running Angstrom Linux and outputting graphics through S-Video; the OS is stored on an SD card.

So far Martin has experimented with a few different ways to carry his compact computer: the bandolier strap gets geek-points, but squeezing everything into a CD wallet and wearing it on a discrete shoulder strap probably makes you stand out less in public.  The four AA batteries are good for up to three hours of use, though you could always slap a few more in if you don't mind the extra weight.  Geeky, yes, but still very cool if you ask us.