DIY Thor's Hammer blasts 80,000 user-friendly volts

Now that you're all about dressing up and heading out to your local Avengers movie opening – Iron Man 3 coming up quick(!) – you'll want to know how to make a prop that's above and beyond the pale. This week a custom-made and home-made Thor's Hammer has appeared amongst the DIY ranks, bringing with it 80,000 volts of electricity to boot. All it takes is some foam and teeny tiny tesla coil!

The hack you're about to see comes straight from Caleb Kraft over at Hack A Day who, loving the greatness of the hammer, aka Mjolnir, decided it was time – finally – to create on of his own. This creation was initiated when he met up with the folks at ArcAttack and decided the time for electricity was nigh.

The creation you're seeing above is not one your everyday average comic book film lover is going to be able to build. Instead you're going to need to create a tesla coil yourself, make sure it's perfectly sized to fit in the head or the arm of the hammer, and you'll want to be at least a bit of a refined sense of 3D crafting style to boot. The coil created for this project was made by Staci Elaan and is shown in the video below. This coil is entirely battery powered!

The hammer itself isn't entirely ready for high-action films – in this form it's still a bit fragile – but it's certainly ready to be taken to your local movie opening. Then again, it could very easily be considered a dangerous weapon, so watch yourself. Using this at home to impress the kids is probably as far as you should go – but again, don't let them grab hold of it for too long – the insides may very well come out.