DIY R2D2 gets super-detailed build log [Video]

Having spent almost two years putting together his to-scale R2D2 – complete with authentic sound effects – Victor Franco is now attempting perhaps an even tougher challenge: documenting the whole thing.  The 140lb robot has become a mainstay at charity and publicity events, and can be completely remote-controlled.Video demo after the cut

Construction is primarily plywood, aluminum and PVC, along with various chunks of MDF, resin, styrene and steel as necessary.  Victor estimates the whole build cost him around $5,000 in materials (and perhaps another $2,500 in unused materials, hence why the build log will be so helpful to would-be copycats hoping to not overspend by 50-percent).

In fact there's a sizeable community of people out there trying to build their own Star Wars droid, and it's easy to lose an hour or two looking at galleries of the various gatherings where they drag the robots out of their garages and gather them together.  More details on the build process in the video below.

[via Hack N Mod]