DIY R2-D2 rolling trash can would get stolen (by me)

I guess like most neighborhoods, mine is apparently packed with mostly idiots. Few here have a sense of humor and they don't really tolerate anything out of the norm. I guess that's why the homeowners association doesn't like my yard. We all have these big rolling trashcans and if you leave it on the curb more than 15 seconds after the truck rolls off, you will get a warning notice in the mail. I wonder if they would let this R2-D2 trashcans slide a little.

This thing is so epic if my neighbor had one, I would let him leave it out all the time. We on occasion have trashcans stolen from around here though. I am sure a can this cool wouldn't last long in some places. The upside is that you would be able to find who had your can. I bet with some masking tape, paint, and time anyone could pull this off.

I don't know how the person who made this came up with the idea, but the can looks fantastic. It reminds me a little bit of that cool R2-D2 that we saw last September that the dude built and could actually ride inside. To the maker of this can, we salute you. I'd also like to see a build log on this design. The downside is that my kids would end up trying to play in the can and end up all stinky and gross.

[via Laughingsquid]