Geek makes awesome R2D2 that he can ride inside

Sometimes geeks get inspired and get down and dirty with their DIY prowess to make some awesome stuff. A great example is the dude last week that made his own full size power loader costume from the Alien flick. I thought that power loader costumer was the most awesome costume ever.

Today I am greatly conflicted after seeing a dude that not only built his own R2D2 with great authenticity, but he made the thing big enough that he can fit inside the bot and drive it. If I had to judge a costume contest between the two, I think my head would explode.

We don't have details on how the dude pulled this R2D2 bot off. All we know is that its dome rotates, the body is made from a white drum, it is self-propelled, and is freaking' awesome. Check out the video to see it in action scaring little kids and all. Just imagine all the chicks you could pull at Comic Con driving this thing; it would be better than a Lamborghini.