DIY Nintendo Wii laptop scraps DVD drive for ripped game library [Video]

Taking consoles intended for your living room and making them portable is a growing niche, and while some may not like the aesthetics of ShockSlayer's "ZNWii "DIY Wii laptop, you can't really argue with the functionality. He stripped the Wii of its DVD drive and instead used game "backup" software to load all the titles you might want to play onto an internal drive.Video demo after the cut

There's obviously a flip-up display, too, and the ZNWii uses GameCube control ports that have been grafted on instead of the Wii's normal ports. Best of all, it runs off of batteries; an internal, rechargeable power pack, in fact.

Clever stuff, though we can't imagine Nintendo would be too keen on the SunDriver chip used to access ripped games. Still, it beats trailing a long power cord and your HDTV whenever you want to play Wii games on the move.

[via Joystiq]