DIY Net Gun: video demos

If you have trouble getting dates, or find your vegetable patch is frequently raided by credit-crunch victims, this DIY Net Gun may be the answer.  Constructed from PVC piping, four soda bottles, a 90-foot-square net and liberal quantities of compressed air, it's capable of launching a net 15 to 25 feet to ensnare your uninvited visitor/future wife.Check out the video demos after the cut

The build is relatively straightforward, requiring a pressure chamber, trigger assembly and carefully-bent launcher arms.  The projectiles – or tractors – are soda bottles, which fit neatly over the 1/2-inch piping and drag the net behind them from its storage chute. 

In fact the hardest, trickiest part (aside from pumping 100psi of compressed air into piping intended to handle nice, safe water) looks to be preparing the net for loading.  It's reusable afterwards, but unless your target is particularly slow-moving you're unlikely to be ready for a second shot. 

Demo Video 1:

Demo Video 2:

[via Hacked Gadgets]